Somebody always asked me”How To Make a Sign With Led Lights”,now let me tell you,first of all,we must know “what is led sign ?” ,the led sign uses a light-emitting diode as a light source. And made of a shell, a panel, and a bottom plate. The luminous letter has the characteristics of beautiful color and individuality, which makes the logo more humanized and plays an important role in publicity for enterprises, shops, and exhibitions. Commonly, there are Vacuum Formed Led Letters,Backlit led sign letters,Double sided light box sign, Resin led letters sign, Illuminated changeable letter sign, Electroplating Letters, Punching Lights Letters, Acrylic Letters, Painted Letters and so on.

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Coco Liu


LED Signs


May 21, 2018



Among them, the vacuum formed led letters have been favored by the majority of advertising owners and customers because of beautiful at days, bright at nights, energy-saving, and durability, etc. However, although most people are no strangers to the luminous letters, they rarely know how to make it. Here is a brief introduction to how to make led signs like Vacuum Formed Led Letters Sign.

What you need to prepare:

  • Galvanized sheet

  • Aluminum profile

  • Acrylic panel

  • Stainless steel

  • LED light module or led light strip

  • Glass glue

  • Double-sided tape

  • Screw

Step 1. First process the material such as galvanized sheet, aluminum or stainless steel into a groove–text or logo.

Step 2. Second, connect the LED light module or led light strip with the wire, and then fix it with double-sided tape or screw. Fix the LED light module or led light strip in the inner bottom of the slot and glue it with glass glue.

Step 3. Then the quantity of LED light module or led light strip depends on these factors: fonts, shape, the size of the letters, the width of the letter line, and the depth of the groove letters.

Step 4.Finally, the 3D letters made of aluminum-plastic strips and acrylic panels are buckled, sealed with glass glue, device gaps, waterproof treatment, and mount the sign at the desired location.