With the development of the advertising industry, the metal sign should be durable, high-grade atmospheric signs, image walls, various signs, logo buildings, indoor and outdoor applications of various high-end brand logos, and a large number of modern office logos have been widely used.

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Coco Liu


Metal Sign


May 21, 2018



What are the characteristics of the stainless steel sign? What is the general classification? In order to better understand the characteristics of stainless steel metal signs, here are some instructions for you.

Product Namemetal sign

Description: Trapezoidal stainless steel sign (marker) (trapezoidal section stainless steel metal letter), after high-precision laser cutting, precision three-dimensional argon arc welding, fine grinding, and other processes, the product surface is flat, the side three-dimensional sense is prominent, the welding is seamless. Its own weight is light, and the trapezoidal appearance is very spacious!


  • Do not rust and have a long service life

  • Have a strong three-dimensional feeling

  • Light in weight

  • Have a metallic texture


  • Gold plated metal sign:

    The material of the gold plated metal sign is stainless steel. The face can be brushed or mirror polishing, stripe treatment is quite textured. The fine workmanship is made by laser cutting and laser welding. There is no trace of welding for appearance, seamless integration. Letters are installed with foam or screw.

    The gold plated metal sign stakes has strong weather resistance, no rust, scratch resistance, and service life of up to ten years. use widly to metal coffee sign,budweiser metal sign,metal laundry sign etc.,It is a common expression of high-end identification systems.

  • Sliver metal sign:

    There are three styles of sliver metal sign: mirror polishing, brushed and frosted stainless steel sign.they are with different surface effects. The beautiful metal letter, the three-dimensional side is treated with a hook angle and polished by seamless. The three-dimensional shape of the letter looks strong. Content performance is lasting.

    Mirror polishing letter looks very beautiful, the surface can refract light like a mirror, the effect is different under different luminosity.

    Brushed letter has a uniform surface, is resistant to dirt, and has a horizontal drawing on the surface, which is more textured than the mirror surface.

    Frosted letter is added by stainless steel through machine sanding. With sand marks, and no pattern.we have low price in metal for sale sign ,welcome to contect with us.

  • Embossed 3D letter:

    The Embossed 3D metal sign is made of stainless steel,back is foam for letter mount.It is used for metal street sign,metal address sign,also used for shops,laundry metal sign,metal coffee sign wall decor etc.,. As you can see the middle part of the letter is raised upwards with a strong 3D effect.They have the look and feel of cast.Because of its razor-sharp edges and corners, smooth returns and unblemished letter faces so make letters very special. These type letters are lightweight and easy to install, outdoor rated, these letters are more durable than most plastic letters because of their greater wall thickness and come with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Solid letter:

    The solid letter is made of stainless steel, it needs to be carefully crafted for polishing.Texture quality can bring out the luxury of the local area,metal sign art.

    Each edges are clearly visible of this style letter. It is fully smooth without hurting the hands. It has a strong adaptability to the external environment, wear resistance and long life. And can be plated in a variety of colors, customers can design your own metal sign,make your own metal sign,loved by customers.

Hope this article is helpful for you!