Shop recruiting is the facade of the store. When you go out shopping, you will notice that most of the shops will have one or more double-sided light boxes on the wall. Especially in the bustling commercial street shops, no light boxes will always feel lacking. What is the reason why the light box is so popular?

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Coco Liu


Led Light Box


April 28, 2018



In fact, unconventional innovation is always the goal and development driving force pursued by the advertising industry. In today’s flood of print ads, the public needs a new form of advertising that can relax the eye, and double-sided light boxes come into being. The light box advertisement breaks through the traditional two-dimensional expression technique and led light box display the three-dimensional shape to activate people’s space imagination, and the three-dimensional shape is strong. What are the advantages of light boxes?

1. Advertising effect is outstanding

After the light box is installed on the wall, it covers the horizontal advertising visual effect of the store. For some neatly arranged shopping malls, most of the friends walk in parallel with the commercial street. Therefore, people generally do not see the front signs of storefront. It is the light box on the side. The double-sided light box can solve people’s visual blind spots very well. Some special light boxes seem to be waving with you, which is a very life image.

2. Decorative storefront

The most common double-sided light boxes are round and square,it is the room essentials led light box. The light boxes can be made into a variety of different styles through different materials and patterns. In addition to advertising, the light boxes also highlight the decorative space environment.

3. Cost-effective

The light box has a strong sense of space and has good weather resistance. The outdoor use can resist wind and sun; the double-sided light effect realizes a multi-angle guide; the high-definition inkjet light film is matched with the bright led light source, and the light box takes care of the effect of day and night advertising,such as led movie poster light box,led light box signs etc,.

4.Green and environmental protection

Because acrylic materials can be completely recycled and reused, they are regarded as green advertising expressions for the 21st century.

Below is a list of common light boxes. Blister light box, crystal light box, pull light box, acrylic light box, etc.

*Crystal light box

Adopt three-dimensional luminous letter processing technology. Due to the stable quality of acrylic, its products have the characteristics of clear farsightedness, good light transmission, high compressive strength, no fading for more than ten years, bright light and other light boxes and metal characters. It is sustainable management and strength. The best choice for a strong business.

*Blister light box

Transparent crystal frame: When the light box is lit, the border is bright and beautiful, and the imported optical grade acrylic material has a beautiful appearance.

  • Features: sidelight guide design, even light;

  • Ultra-thin: thickness is only 8mm – 10mm;

  • LED light source: safer and energy saving, long life, easy to replace pictures;

  • Easy to install: there are a variety of placement methods on the table and wall hanging;

  • Applicable to: hotel bars, fast food restaurants, chain stores, wedding photo studios, interior decoration, company signs, gift displays, window display, exhibits, and other places.

*Rab light box

The light box frame is made of aluminum and is suitable for outdoor large logos and images. The LED light bar adopts a roller blind array, the brightness of a single lamp bead is above 24LM, and the overall brightness can reach 4500-6000 LUX, which has the advantages of low cost, beautiful appearance and convenient installation.

*Acrylic light box

Both day and night are beautiful and have a strong visual impact.
Features: strong stereoscopic effect, transparency (up to 96%), pure color, smooth and beautiful, day and night effects, heat-resistant, environmentally friendly, anti-corrosion and other characteristics, the normal service life of 8-10 years.

Through the above brief introduction, We hope to help you better understand the light box. Next time we will share how to install the light box, how to calculate the price of the light box etc.