The car logos refer to the logo of various automobile brands, which often become representatives of automobile companies. Their role is to facilitate the identification of the “identity” of the vehicle by sellers, users, maintenance personnel, and traffic management departments.


Coco Liu


Car Sign


April 10, 2018



There are so many car signs. How many car logos do you know? Let’s have a look at these brands


Audi is an internationally renowned luxury car brand. Its high level of technology, quality standards, innovative capabilities, and classic models make Audi one of the most successful car brands in the world.

The Audi sedan is marked by four rings representing the four companies before the merger. These companies used to be manufacturers of bicycles, motorcycles and passenger cars. Since the company was originally formed by the merger of four companies, each ring is a symbol of one of the companies.

2.Aston Martin

Aston Martin has always represented a high-performance sports car designed and manufactured by highly skilled technicians with outstanding performance and elegant appearance.

Aston Martin’s car logo is a pair of flying wings and marked with Aston and Martin in English. It shows that the company has the sprint speed and lofty aspirations from the sky. Aston Martina is famous for its cabriolet, racing car, and limited production sports car. It’s said that Aston Martin is benefiting from the luck brought by these flying wings.


Porsche is a famous German car company, founded in 1930 by Professor Ferdinand Porsche in Stuttgart. Ferdinand Porsche is a famous designer who is known throughout the world. In the mid-1930s, the Volkswagen Company designed the first-class car for the popular beetle sedan. His son Ferry Porsche succeeded his father and continued to carry forward. Porsche is famous for producing high-end sports cars in the world of sports cars.

Porsche’s car logo was conceived in 1953 by Dr. Feny Porsche. The pulsating dark horse symbolizes the explosive power of Porsche, the central Stuttgart, which stands for the location of the Porsche company. The emblem is taken from the Baden Wurttemberg state emblem and is encrusted with the German flag black, red and yellow together. Yellow stripes are the color of ripe wheat, meaning fertile land and happiness for people. Red symbolizes people’s wisdom. It constitutes a bloody shield emblem.


BMW is the abbreviation of Bayerische Motoren Werke. It is one of the world’s leading auto companies and is considered to be a leader in the high-end automotive industry. BMW was founded in 1916 and is headquartered in Munich, Germany. For 80 years, it has grown from an original aircraft engine manufacturing plant to today’s high-class sedan-led, globally renowned group of aircraft engines, off-road vehicles and motorcycles, ranked among the top 20 in the world’s automotive companies.

The blue and white patterns in the middle of the BMW logo represent the blue sky, white clouds and spinning propeller, it symbolizes BMW’s long history. The company’s leading position in Aeroengine technology in the past, and the company’s consistent purpose and goal: in the vast space and time, with advanced and exquisite technology, the latest concept, to meet customers’ greatest wishes, reflecting the company’s vigorous momentum and changing new look


Toyota is one of the world’s top ten auto industry companies, the largest auto company in Japan, founded in 1933. Toyota Motor Corporation has gradually replaced General Motors since 2008 and has become the world’s number one car manufacturer. Its brands mainly include Lexus, Toyota and other high and low-end models.

Toyota’s three oval logos were used since the beginning of 1990. The large ellipse in the logo represents the earth, and the two ovals are vertically combined into a T character, representing Toyota. It symbolizes Toyota’s future and confidence and ambition in the future. It also symbolizes Toyota’s commitment to customers and its customers. It symbolizes that the hearts of users and the hearts of car manufacturers are connected and have mutual trust. At the same time, it shows Toyota’s superb technology and innovation potential.


Volkswagen is a multinational automotive group with manufacturing facilities in many countries around the world and is one of the top ten auto companies in the world.

Volkswagen in German is Volks Wagenwerk, which means the car used by the public. The VW in the logo is the first letter in the full name. The logo is composed of three “V” made with the middle finger and the index finger, indicating that Volkswagen and its products must win – must win – must win.


Mercedes-Benz is a German car brand, which is considered to be one of the most successful high-end car brands in the world. Its perfect technical level, excellent quality standards, innovative innovation, and a series of classic coupe styles are commendable. Mercedes-Benz Trident has become one of the most famous cars and brands in the world.

In June 1909, Daimler applied for the registration of the “Triple Star” as a symbol of a car, symbolizing the mechanization of land, water and air. In 1916, a circle was added around it, and four small stars were placed above the circle, followed by Mercedes. “Mercedes” means happiness, meaning that the car produced by Daimler will bring happiness to the owners.