Led Flex Neon Sign How To Install

The first neon sign made with neon glass tubes, but the production process of creating neon sign must be controlled by a professional master, and it is high in power consumption, it is fragile, short in-service life, and the device surface is covered with wires, and the visual effect is so poor. With the development of the led light strip, the low-temperature flexible led neon is gradually replaced by the glass neon, also the price is relatively cheap, but the shape and color can be customized, thus having a variety of styles.


Coco Liu


Neon Sign


March 28, 2019



Initially, low-voltage flexible lamps began to rise from the wholesalers of light strips and gradually
spread to the advertising industry. Due to their good characteristics and beautiful display effects, the sixth-generation silicone LED neon lights have been hailed as the most popular breakthrough LED products in the near future. It is also a noble professional linear lighting decoration product. Every business corner, shopping malls, hotels, bars, all kinds of restaurants can be seen everywhere, led neon lighting sign becoming more and more common. It looks like a normal neon, but it bends arbitrarily. This product is shatterproof and waterproof, it can be used indoors and outdoors. It not only makes up for the short life of glass neon, it is easy to transport, and it also has breakthroughs in plasticity and light resistance.

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The following is a description of the pink or red flex neon sign and installation.

1. LED flex neon light is fully completed by flex neon bending, built-in led light.

2. Since the neon luminous characters are curved, the shape can be customized, and the effect of the design drawing can be more exhibited.

3. The flex neon of the LED hose glow sign is rounded, with no sharp corners, and it looks so comfortable.

4. The neon custom sign uses a low-voltage LED lamp, which consumes less power and has a long service life.

5. LED neon sign lamp does not produce high heat for a long time.

6. Uniform illumination, diverse colors, able to achieve gradual changes, jump color changes.

7. Easy to transport.

Scope: indoor wall or outdoor wall
Product material: Acrylic, led flex neon strip
Product color: the free combination
Optional font: custom
Product specifications: size can be customized according to design drawings
Production process: acrylic engraving, sandblasting or polishing
Packing: foam board + carton + wooden frame / foam board + wooden box
Light form: front light
Base plate: three types
1. Random bottom plate: The bottom plate has a better hiding degree and is more beautiful. It is suitable for graphics with concentrated content. The shape of the bottom plate is produced according to the logo shape.
2. Square bottom plate: the bottom plate has a poor hiding degree, and the appearance is lower than the random bottom plate, which is suitable for various design patterns.
3. Separate random bottom plate: the bottom plate has a better hiding degree and is more beautiful, suitable for graphics with scattered content.

Installation method: hanging installation or wall mounting

1. Hanging installation: use the steel wire to hang on top of the sign

2. Wall mounting: fixed to the wall with advertising nails

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