Who We Are

Hangzhou Changhe Advertising Co., Ltd. specializes in design and production, all kinds of led signs such as LED letters, Marquee letters, Neon sign, Metal letters, Light boxes, Traffic sign, Car logo and so on. It was founded in 2005 and since the first day in business we’ve been delivering the best selection of products and the most comfortable service to our every customer. We have a professional team, advanced mechanical equipment. Create your exclusive logo with your request and our experience.

Over time, our name has become synonymous with high quality and nice work throughout all of Hangzhou and the surrounding areas. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic signs along with unique and specific edition and seasonal items that fit any customer’s budget.




Company Introduction


March 28, 2019


Coco Liu

What Can We Do For You

  • Maximize Your Brand Exposure Today

As we all know today’s world is extremely fast-paced and in it, getting your advertisement through to a potential customer is only possible within a matter of seconds. The most important is how does your customer get your advertisement and chose you? You’re half done when they remember you at first sight. For example building signs, they are always visible and attract foot traffic as we all know. This increases your presence and helps set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.

CH led Sign can understand the importance of your sign, that’s your first form of advertisement and can heavily impact how your client base views your business. We are proving that your business’s sign is not only a simple name. Our target is to build a story and create a meaningful message that neighbors near and customers far can grasp upon first sight of your company or store sign.

  • Improve Your Economic Benefits

Electrical Signs, also known as Led Signs, help guide consumers to your door and encourage current customers to return. Remember marketing can be a bit expensive but a sign is advertising your business 24/7. Even if you do market yourself properly through the web or ads etc, you will find it difficult for consumers to find your location without a proper Building Sign or Directional Signs.

For more than 10 years, we have been helping so many businesses make a bigger impact in their communities through special sign. About 75% of consumers stated they had told others about a business because of its sign. .We’ve taken the guesswork out of effective advertising by conducting surveys and studies that prove we know how to design and display signs that increase your business. All of our clients notice that more and more customers visiting their business within their first 30 days of installing their custom signs. As we all know the more customers can bring more economic benefits for business.

Solve Your Problems

Here at LED, we manufacture custom LED signs to fit any customer’s needs and we can ship them just about anywhere. For organizations that want a modern and attractive sign, CH Sign is a full-service sign provider that will help you thrive through effective communication. Whether you want a small sign, a gigantic sign, a one-color sign, or an RGB sign, we can help you.

Unlike other sign companies, we design and build our own complete sign solutions and provide them to you through the easiest process in the industry. If you contact us you will find our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and we’re more than happy to talk to anyone who is wondering about our sign.

No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll help you find the right outdoor signs or indoor signs to increase your business.CH led sign is one of the easiest and most effective forms of marketing available.Invest in high quality, custom-designed signs for your business once and reap the benefits of effortless advertising and increased business for life.