What is the marquee letter?

Why is the marquee letter so popular? The marquee letter is a special exposed sign. It can be used outdoor and Indoor. The light source used is a led point light source with a diameter of more than 3cm. Large-size lights always give a feeling of bright eyes. Because of the large size of the light source, the font is also referred to as a bulb word. Its luminous brightness is not as dazzling as a conventional exposed light source, the color temperature is lower than 5000k, so light is soft, and it can be directly viewed. With soft lighting and a special high-profile panel, the bulbs always create a special atmosphere.

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Coco Liu

Marquee Letter


How to make the marquee letter?

The laser machine cuts the metal sheet and empties it with a laser according to the size of the bulb source. The sidebands are welded to the panel of the hollowed-out light hole, and the edge of the sideband protrudes by about 2 cm, which is related to the overall effect of the exposed word. The welded bulb shape skeleton is smoothed and then painted, led point light source is embedded in the hollow light hole, and the bottom of the light source is padded with a PVC corresponding to the bulb letter panel.

Any features for marquee letter?

The unique design of the illuminated sign led marquee letter is eye-catching, it creates a special environment and can be naturally matched to the store environment. For example, in the theme restaurant, cafe, bulb, etc the light marquee letter can echo the atmosphere of the venue. The retro style is strong, and it can create classic styles such as romantic beauty, elegant fashion, and passion. There are red, yellow, white, green, blue, colorful, etc of the bead light source. Large light-up marquee bulb letters can with RGB as well. Each customer can choose different colors of the light source.

Because of the above features of marquee letters, with the popularity of lights bulb giant marquee letters, more and more foreigners like to use it as a wedding or party decoration. LOVE Marry Me Mr. Mrs and A-Z size from 2ft-6ft are the most popular. Many event companies rent A-Z letters to bride-to-be and bridegroom-to-be.A young bride can take pictures of the marquee letter.