Product title: production of Adidas resin led sign and exclusive store resin luminous sign

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Coco Liu


Resin Led Signs


Apr 30, 2018



Product Description: Adidas is one of the most famous fashion sports brands in the world. It has a huge market in sports and fashion. The appearance of Adidas led resin sign is fashionable and beautiful. The efficient and energy-saving LED light source, together with the light guide plate with excellent light transmittance and white resin, makes the LED resin sign have a uniform and bright light effect. The illuminated resin sign is waterproof, impact-resistant, acid-proof, alkali proof and explosion-proof. Make the advertising effect of sign letter resin-filled led permanent.

Production process: the exclusive shop’s Resin light-emitting sign is made. The bottom box is welded by the bottom plate and the side belt (stainless steel, iron sheet, zinc plating, titanium alloy). After careful polishing and polishing, the inner groove of the bottom box is sprayed with a layer of white baking paint (for better light reflection). LED light source (LED light belt, LED module) shall be selected according to the size and structure of the resin exterior illuminated sign. The light belt is recommended for small signs. A layer of light guide plate shall be laid on the surface of the bottom box, and a certain depth of groove shall be reserved to ensure that there is no leak in the seal. Finally, pour the numerical value into the groove of the light guide plate, and wait for the resin to dry.


1.The high-quality material selection and manufacturing process of the luminous resin sign make it have a good performance effect no matter in day and night.

2. The light guide plate and resin have good light transmission, refraction and reflection effects so that the font light is uniform.

3. The LED light source is energy-saving, environment-friendly, efficient and durable (more than 10 hours), almost without maintenance.

4. The resin sign has good impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and explosion-proof functions, ensuring the service life of the illuminated resin sign shop.

Application: Brand stores, brand counters, catering store signs, chain store signs, etc.

Product title: Huawei gradual DIY illuminated the sign

Product description: the gradual change resin led letters to sign of Huawei is made by the resin sign process. The gradual change effect of the logo is completed by pasting the gradual change film and pouring resin together. The film process solves the problem of matching the gradual change color of the resin on the surface of Huawei’s luminous logo. The mirror stainless steel sideband is matched with a full resin layer, taking into account the day and night advertising effect. The transparent resin on the surface effectively solves the yellowing of the resin The problem.

Manufacturing process: laser cutting the bottom plate and mirror stainless steel sideband, after the sideband, is slotted, it is welded with the bottom plate to form a three-dimensional sign shell, the outer side of the sign shell is polished, the inner side is painted with white reflective paint, the inner side of the sign shell is pasted with transparent support strip, the transparent light guide plate is paved, the gradual light transmission film is pasted, the transparent resin is poured on the surface of the gradual light transmission film, and the resin can be dried and fixed.


1. The gradual change in film and transparent resin solve Huawei’s VI. the gradual change effect of the Huawei logo is achieved. The resin layer on the surface makes Huawei’s led illuminated sign smooth, round and full, high-end and fashionable. Compared with other resins, transparent resin can effectively alleviate the problem of resin yellowing. Transparent resin is known as outdoor resin, which is not prone to yellowing. Outdoor resin signs are made by pouring a layer of transparent resin on the basis of the acrylic board.

2. The resin layer makes Huawei’s gradual light-emitting logo uniform, bright and clear, and the mirror stainless steel material used in the sideband makes the entire logo appear more high-grade. It is applicable to Huawei’s indoor door logo, background wall, and other places.

Applications: Interior logo decoration of Huawei chain store

Product title: Mobile 5g resin luminous sign: special for image wall and lintel

Product description: China Mobile 5g resin light-emitting sign is a kind of indoor special bright light-emitting sign, which is generally installed on the indoor background wall or the lintel lightbox of 5g business hall. The light-emitting surface of the resin light-emitting sign is very full, and the unique light homogenizer of the resin layer makes its light-emitting effect reach the best effect.

Manufacturing process: 5g resin sign of China Mobile adopts mirror stainless steel welded sign shell with resin poured on the surface and pattern film. Install the high brightness LED light belt in the way of installation. The sign within 30cm can be directly installed with glass glue, and the sign over 30cm can be installed with screws or ears to ensure its stability.

Features: Highlight, high grade

Product Title: Starbucks round lightbox: white and transparent double resin surface treatment

Product description: the picture and text effect on the surface of this Starbucks circular lightbox is composed of double-layer resin and lightbox film. The logo of the Starbucks portrait of the lightbox is pasted on the white resin layer with lightbox paper. Compared with the white acrylic plate, the white resin layer has a better light transmission effect. The surface is covered with a layer of transparent resin, which makes the film get good protection. The protection of the transparent resin layer makes the Starbucks logo appear smooth and delicate. The logo of the lightbox without the protection of the transparent resin layer is quite rough. The bottom box of the Starbucks circular lightbox is equipped with a dense LED soft light belt, which makes the lightbox present a highlight effect.

Manufacturing process: the LED soft light belt arranged at the bottom box of the Starbucks circular lightbox is almost zero spacing, and the dense light distribution makes the lightbox bright. Mirror stainless steel edge with high-grade anti-corrosion, the surface of the Starbucks round lightbox is set with a double-layer resin layer and lightbox paper film. The film layer of this lightbox uses a white resin layer instead of the traditional white acrylic plate, which has better light transmission performance. The logo surface of Starbucks light box paper is covered with a layer of transparent resin, and the slightly rough light box paper film is crystal clear in an instant. It is because of this transparent resin layer that we can make the resin lightbox with image and text effect.


Generally, resin sign can only be designed by using resins of different colors, while transparent resin layer not only enables resin sign to achieve a variety of personalized appearance design through film pasting but also makes transparent resin layer more resistant to yellowing than conventional resin, which can be used in the semi-outdoor environment. The transparent resin layer is crystal clear and looks very delicate.

Applications: Starbucks cafe.