As we all know today’s world is extremely fast-paced and in it, getting your advertisement through to a potential customer is only possible within a matter of seconds. The most important is how does your customer get your advertisement and chose you? How To Design Restaurant LED Signs?You’re half done when they remember you at first sight. For example building LED signs, they are always visible and attract foot traffic as we all know. This increases your presence and helps set yourself apart from the rest of the competition.


Coco Liu


Led Signs


Sep 3, 2018



Electrical Signs, also known as Led Signs, help guide consumers to your door and encourage current customers to return. Remember marketing can be a bit expensive but a sign is advertising your business 24/7. Even if you do market yourself properly through the web or ads etc, you will find it difficult for consumers to find your location without a proper Building Sign or Directional Signs.

There are many types of door signboards. Each type has different production schemes, different prices for making signboards, and different design concepts. In this article, let’s take a look at How To Design Restaurant LED Signs.

Generally, when you open a restaurant, you choose a place with a lot of people or a place where people often pass by. So how to attract passers-by to the store for a while, and enjoy delicious food, a set of appropriate store advertising signs play a pivotal role. effect. Some people may say that the wine is not afraid of the alleys. Even if there is no good signboard, as long as the food is good, there will be regular customers. So how do new customers know your store? Just walk around the door and take a look. Can you bring in customers when you taste it in the shop? Obviously it is impossible. Now it is a face-saving society and a society of enjoyment. Not only must the taste be beautiful, but the store decoration, door signs, and service staff must also be as beautiful and decent as possible. A successful restaurant must be the ultimate experience in all aspects!

  1. The design must be novel, the style must be unique, it must be a style acceptable to the public, and it should reflect the type of taste as much as possible, such as the flavor of the farmhouse. For example, young people can accept fancy, older people should be generous and stable, so you need to consider carefully the color and font.
  2. Highlight the cuisine or features and our flagship product, so that customers can see whether it is suitable for their taste.
  3. Clean, simple and clear signboards give people a sense of hygiene and safety, which should be considered first.
  4. The led signboard needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. The signboard is like the face of a person. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it will affect the effect and look very old.
  5. The choice of materials for advertising signboard light boxes is also based on the overall decoration style of the hotel. If you are cooking western food, you can use stylish acrylic signboards or organic glass light boxes, which look full of modernity. Plastic light boxes are also called blister signs, which are currently widely used in the market. The LED light groups inside are bright and save electricity, and they are not easy to break.
  6.  the door lighting is also very particular about, led display is also the best choice for restaurants, you can inform the passersby of special cuisine, special       products, promotional activities in the form of rolling captions.
  7. The most common combination of patterns and text, it is accepted by the public, using various combinations of text, graphics, phonetic alphabet, and other symbols. This kind of logo makes full use of the role of text and pattern logo. The name of the decoration shop in front of the hotel should be personalized, novel and unique, so that your shop is different and impressed.
  8. The store name should be profound and implicit, reflecting the characteristics of the store. From the perspective of durability and stability, we must choose durable materials when decorating in front of the door. After all, the weather is different every day, and the degree of damage to the door head is also different. Therefore, durable materials should be selected when decorating the door head.
  9. The store’s door decoration should choose warm and bright colors. In many cases, consumers often start with color recognition of identification signs. If the color of the door caught their attention, they would pay attention to the content of the logo sign. Door decorations can be warm, bright, and eye-catching colors are red, yellow, orange, green and so on. When door decorations use mixed colors, pay attention to the proportion between the colors.

CH led Sign can understand the importance of your sign, that’s your first form of advertisement and can heavily impact how your client base views your business. We are proving that your business’s sign is not only a simple name. Our target is to build a story and create a meaningful message that neighbors near and customers far can grasp upon first sight of your company or store sign!