The LED neon sign word visually conveys rich information that takes into account both text and picture. When night falls, it becomes a neon that lights up the city. The excellent publicity effect has made it more and more popular with enterprises and shops, and it plays an important role in various fields as a facade and a face value. So what are the advantages of custom led neon sign?


Coco Liu


Neon Signs


Jun 3, 2019




Tlhe high light transmittance can not only effectively solve the “bright spot” problem of the LED light source, but also avoid the cost and process complexity caused by the additional use of uniform light film or colored acrylic sheet so that the neon open sign can be made thinner and light. A simple single-layer film solution can effectively save costs and efficiently use light sources and electricity.

2.Beautiful color options

Provide a variety of standard color options for logo designers and logo makers to choose colors quickly. When the colors in the standard color card cannot meet the customer’s requirements, spot colors can be quickly formulated according to the colors specified by the customer. It is convenient for end-users to find or customize the logo film consistent with the brand color.

3.Excellent outdoor used

The color is long-lasting, not easy to fade, and has a durability of up to 10 years. The color and size can be maintained and stable even after long-term outdoor use.

  1. Stable performance

The advantages of good light transmission and uniform color, even when used near the light source, can still present a variety of gorgeous logo effects. The color consistency is very good, the logo after night light is almost no color difference with the logo under daylight.

5.Easy to process

It has excellent adhesion on most substrates and is suitable for deep thermal plastic processing and molding, which improves design flexibility. Excellent engraving processing performance can also meet customer needs in all aspects. The minimum order quantity is only one volume, which is thoughtful for small-volume customers.

The LED neon sign is also constantly changing. In LPS2015 held in Bregenz, Professor ZarySegall from Sweden gave many examples to illustrate that many possible changes in the current LED neon sign in the future are being carried out and developed by related teams. Ability to redefine the future of lighting. The future lighting will be combined with the information, content of many products, and things that humans value.

He took the Swedish affordable furniture brand IKEA as an example. The wooden rails and small trains for children are very cheap toys. They are highly reusable and can play their imagination. But what if you add more sound and light elements? Use one Special lighting to illuminate can create a moving background, including lakes, mountains, etc., which will be more vivid to play. This is the continuation of the power of digital lighting mentioned by many experts, as well as sounds and animations. It becomes a highly interactive game, not just a simple wooden toy. Through digital lighting and the occurrence of sound devices, human beings can use lighting to realize more possibilities.

He gave an example that is currently under development and already in use. Using a mobile phone like a computer tool to click on different clothing color blocks in a photographic frame, the same color blocks can be projected onto the displayed clothes through a special light source. This is a kind of virtual and real presence in the same clothing display room. Using light as a clue can generate new applications. Smart lighting is about you and your experience so that the entity and the digital space are the same. Lighting is a necessary clue in research and development. This clue can improve the quality of everyone’s design products.

He believes that there is a lot of room for strengthening online shopping on smartphones, and the connection between digital and the physical world is evolving. It looks like someone raised their hands to ask for information, but how do you give each other? The products in the mall that Philips is making can interact with the neon beam of LED lights in the store. It is a good idea to obtain product information. The acquisition is currently the best way for human beings, and there are many technology platforms that can realize this dream.