Led signs have been widely used in various industries, fields, and locations in recent years. They can be installed on the top of high-rise buildings or in the counters of shopping malls. Whether it is large letters at the door or small letters at the mini, they have become One of the important elements of corporate publicity and image enhancement. Door head letters are the first and most commonly used letters.


Coco Liu


Led Signs


Jun 23, 2019



The custom led sign the door are installed above the facade, the roof and other places. They are integrated with the door billboards during the day and can play a lighting effect at night. More importantly, they are more eye-catching and improve the visibility and visible distance. So what are the types of led sign boards on the door, and how can I choose the properly type of led sign lighting on the door according to my own needs? Hope below introduction can help you.

Brushed sliver back lit letter

The stainless steel brushed backlit letter uses a stainless steel plate for laser cutting and engraving. The brushed surface has a texture, and the LED can be one color or RGB color.

Backlit sign with a strong three-dimensional sense, high-grade metal texture, beautiful fashion, and luxury. Using high-quality LED to assure uniform light emission, high brightness, safety and energy saving, green environmental protection.

Mirror polished sliver back lit letter

The difference between Brushed sliver back lit letter and Mirror polished sliver back lit letter is the surface effect. The mirror polished with reflective and looks smoother. In line with the trend of international outdoor advertising, it is so hot sale in the market, the light is soft and eye-catching, and the penetrating power is strong. There are many colors to choose from, and the effect is good during the day and night.

Powder coated back lit letter

This style sign surface is a powder-coated or painted. If it is a logo in some different colors, it can be printed. The colors are various and can be made according to customer requirements. It is also widely used in the market.

Channel letter signs utilize high quality LED lights to spell out your business for your customers. Unlike other signs, each letter is an individual structure, creating a stylish look for your own brand. LED Letter Signs can be lit from multiple angles to achieve the beautiful look for your business.

Mirror polished gold back lit letter

Mirror polished gold back lit letter is made of stainless steel plates by electroplating into gold, or directly made of mirror polished gold stainless steel plates.Metal letter signs are sturdy, weather-resistant and available in a variety of colors, making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Mirror polished gold finish gets your message out in an attractive and durable format.

Brushed gold back lit letter

Back lit letter also is called LED halo lit signs or LED reverse channel signage.Brushed gold back lit letters are made of brushed stainless steel and electroplated metal. LED lights are placed in individual fabricated 3D metal sign shell.The texture is clear, beautiful and corrosion-resistant, high-grade and elegant. The back of the crystal plate has a luminous effect, and the light is soft and not dazzling. This type of sign is generally suitable for high-end places.

Double sides light letter:

The Double sides light letter, also known as the acrylic luminous sign, is made of imported high-molecular acrylic material. With the oblique cutting technology, the front and back sides can be illuminated at the same time and will not be obscured, looks so flat in different planes.

The double sides light letter is very gentle. After the light passes through the polymer acrylic panel, it will be evenly dispersed, so you don’t have to worry about the glare caused by the direct light. With a beautiful appearance, small, noble, stylish and uniform lighting and so on, by the customer’s favorite, and at the same time rise to quickly occupy the market.

Resin led letter:

Resin led letter is composed of a stainless steel shell, a resin layer, and a light source. The resin layer has a special light-homogenizing layer, which can refract, reflect and transmit the light source, and fully convert the light source to achieve a bright and uniform luminous effect. The power consumption of the light source is extremely low.

Also, the surface of the resin letter is smooth, the structure is uniform, light-emitting surface and the shell to without splicing marks, the light-emitting surface is evenly illuminated, the color is bright and eye-catching. Without explosion, burning phenomenon, customers can use with confidence, safe and safe.

Body illuminated letter:

When we talk about the body illuminated letter, mostly mean the surface and the border of the signage are illuminated. It is a high-grade mini luminous sign, which is full-body lighting. The surface and sides are made of acrylic and the surface can be printed with different patterns.

Because both the front and the back are illuminated,the light-emitting area is large, whole-body emits light uniformly, and there is no dark area. This kind of letter the power consumption of the LED light source is far lower than other light sources, and the whole body light reduces the light-blocking.


Punching led letter:

The punching led letter is a kind of name different from the inner light letter, that is, the  LED lamp is mounted on the surface so it is directly exposed outside, we can see the light directly from the lamp, therefor the brightness is more conspicuous. And the punching led letter is generally punched with a metal plate.

Fine workmanship makes letters like a craft. The surface is made of stainless steel, which is easy to maintain and has a long service life. LED lamp we used is energy saving, high brightness, long life up to 100,000 hours.