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Confidentiality Agreement
A confidentiality agreement is signed for the design and order of the customer, which fully guarantees that the originality of the customer and the rights of the customer are not infringed.
Full Refund Agreem
Sign a refund agreement before the transaction. If the customer has any objections to the product name during the transaction, a full refund can be given to the customer to fully ensure the safety of the customer's property.
Confidentiality Agreement
We have our own factory, advanced R & D laboratory and quality inspection department, which can provide quality inspection report to customers.The best led signs for every customer.
Payment Terms (lower than 25% deposit)
We provide customers with the best payment method, which can provide customers with a lower than 25% deposit, reduce customer payment risk and protect customer property safety.
Internal Trade Legal Contract
In addition to PI (Performa Invoice), we provide formal Internal trade legal contracts with customers to fully ensure the fairness and rigor of the transaction process.
Meet Customization
You just need to tell your ideas,colors,shapes,ect.,can be customized according to your requirements,Create your exclusive logo with your experience.Our product raw materials are factory supplied, with the lowest price and the best quality. Others say “we can’t do it” but we say “we will try our best to meet your needs and never give up easily.”

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