Project Description

The double sided light box sign is very gentle.widely used in general electric glass light double sided sign advertisement,coca cola double sided light signd,Energy saving and eye-catching。


Acrylic, Stainless Steel, Led Strip or Led Module


Letters/Shapes Available




Store signboard/Shopping mall

Backlit sign with a strong three-dimensional sense, high-grade metal texture, beautiful fashion, and luxury. Using high-quality LED to assure uniform light emission, high brightness, safety and energy saving, green environmental protection.

Backlit Sign Features

  • Various Shapes:Customization

  • Material: Acrylic, Stainless Steel, Led Strip or Led Module

  • Led lifetime:> 50,000 hrs

  • Color:Customization

  • Working temperature: -40°C~80°C

Backlit Sign Types

  • Brushed Sliver Backlit Letter

  • Mirror Polished Sliver Backlit Letter

  • Powder Coated Backlit Letter

  • Mirror Polished Gold Backlit Letter

  • Brushed Gold Backlit Letter

Backlit Sign Application Range

  • Indoor

  • Office

  • Hotel

  • Hospital

  • Retail Store

  • Shopping Mall

  • Metro Station

  • Gas Station

  • Other  Various Public Places


The led module is used as a light source, and the acrylic shape after engraving and cutting is used as a panel, and the iron plate which is welded, polished and painted is used on the bottom plate and the surrounding edges. (suitable for large characters, strong, cost-effective)

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