Project Description

Led backlit signs are outdoor advertising trends, light and eye-catching, strong penetrating power, a variety of colors to choose from, day and night effects are good.




Letters/Shapes Available




Store signboard/Shopping mall

There are many kinds of LED backlit Signs. Common backlighting properties include lacquer back illuminating properties, rose gold back illuminating properties, black titanium back illuminating properties, titanium back illuminating properties, stainless steel back illuminating characters, etc., which are more delicate and beautiful than ordinary illuminating characters. It looks bigger and more upscale, and big brands generally choose to use their backlit characters to make their own image walls.

The back light words are embedded with bright LED beads, which have uniform illumination and relatively long service life. The average life of the lamp beads is about 50,000 hours, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Different backlights use different materials, but their quality is guaranteed.

There is also a question about the price of acrylic back-lighting letters. Let us know that the products are different according to the choice of manufacturers, and there are some details of the products when they are produced. These are the factors that determine the price. Please buy more. Focusing on quality, the truth of a penny is really eternal.

LED Backlit Sign Features

  • Various Shapes: Flat, three-dimensional, convex, lace, floral, colorful

  • Material: Acrylic/Metal

  • Led lifetime:> 50,000 hrs,80% energy saving

  • Color: Multicolor Available.

  • Working temperature: -40°C~80°C

LED Luminous Word Types

  • LED monochrome letter

  • LED two-color lighting

  • LED multicolor letters

  • LED colorful color letters

Led Luminous Word Application Range

  • High buildings

  • Building billboards

  • Big word on the roof

  • Ordinary door mark


The led module is used as a light source, and the acrylic shape after engraving and cutting is used as a panel, and the iron plate which is welded, polished and painted is used on the bottom plate and the surrounding edges. (suitable for large characters, strong, cost-effective)

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