Project Description

Material of gold plated metal sign is stainless steel. has strong weather resistance, no rust, scratch resistance, custom metal sign,good appearance in a long period of time, and service life of up to ten years.


Stainless Steel


Letters/Shapes Available




Store signboard/Shopping mall

Gold plated metal sign is made of stainless steel. Face can be brushed or mirror polishing, stripe treatment is quite textured. The fine workmanship is made by laser cutting and laser welding. There is no trace of welding for appearance, seamless integration. Letters are installed with foam or screw.

The gold plated metal sign stakes has strong weather resistance, no rust, scratch resistance, and service life of up to ten years. use widly to metal coffee sign,budweiser metal sign,metal laundry sign etc.,It is a common expression of high-end identification systems.

Gold Plated Metal Sign Features

  • Various Shapes: Flat, three-dimensional, convex, lace, floral, colorful

  • Material:Stainless Steel

  • Led lifetime:Up To 10 Years

  • Color: Multicolor Available.

  • Working temperature: -40°C~80°C

Gold Plated Metal Sign Types

  • Monochrome

  • Multicolor

Gold Plated Metal Sign Application Range

  • Indoor

  • Office

  • Hotel

  • Retail Store

  • Shopping Mall

  • Metro Station

  • Gas Station

  • Other  Various Public Places


The led module is used as a light source, and the acrylic shape after engraving and cutting is used as a panel, and the iron plate which is welded, polished and painted is used on the bottom plate and the surrounding edges. (suitable for large characters, strong, cost-effective)

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