Project Description

Neon sign is widely used, colorful, bright and eye-catching,LED bulbs are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.and as a professional neon sign maker,we support custom neon sign, you can diy neon sign by yourself.


Flex Led Neon






Coffee Shop/Concert/Bar

Flex neon sign is fully completed by flex neon bending, built-in led light. neon sign font shape and color can be customized, thus having a variety of styles. It is also a noble professional linear lighting decoration product. Every business corner, neon beer sign,neon coffee sign,coca cola neon sign,ice cream neon sign etc., can be seen everywhere, led neon lighting sign becoming more and more common.

This product is shatterproof and waterproof, it can be used indoors and outdoors. you can make your own neon sign,meanwhile,It not only makes up for the short life of glass neon, but it is also easy to transport and has breakthroughs in plasticity and light resistance.


Neon Sign Features

  • Various Shapes:Customization

  • Material: Flex Led Neon

  • Led lifetime:> 50,000 hrs,80% energy saving

  • Color: Multicolor Available.

  • Working temperature: -40°C~80°C

Neon Sign Types

  • Neon monochrome

  • Neon two-color lighting

  • Neon multicolor

  • Neon colorful color

Neon Sign Application Range

  • Indoor Decoration

  • Outdoors(High buliding,Shopping mall,Store center,Bar,ect.)

  • Fan Group Support(Concert,Fans meeting,ect.)

  • Other Various Public Places


The Neon Sign  is used led flex neon as a light source, and the acrylic shape after engraving and cutting is used as a panel, and the iron plate which is welded, polished and painted is used on the bottom plate and the surrounding edges. (suitable for large characters, strong, cost-effective)

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