Project Description

The traffic signs are mainly made of metal, including two way traffic sign, merging traffic sign,etc.Active driving display with traffic sign recognition, for conveying instructions, warnings and signals.




Letters/Shapes Available




Store signboard/Shopping mall

Atraffic sign, a road facility that conveys guidance, restriction, warning, or indication in words or symbols.  It made of metal.Also known as road signs, road traffic signs. In traffic signs, safety, eye-catching, clear and bright traffic signs are important measures to implement traffic management and ensure the safety and smoothness of road traffic.

They can be divided into main signs and auxiliary signs or movable signs and fixed signs or lighting signs, luminous traffic sign and reflective traffic sign, and variable information signs reflecting changes in the driving environment. The main signs are divided into warning signs, prohibition signs, indicator signs, guide signs,road traffic sign, tourist area signs and road construction safety sign.sometimes it can be used in traffic sign party decorations.if you want to make your own traffic sign,we are professional traffic sign maker,pls contect with us

Traffic Sign Features

  • Various Shapes:UV Printed

  • Material:Stainless Steel,Iron,Aluminum

  • Color:Customization

  • Working temperature: -40°C~80°C

Traffic Sign Types

  • Monochrome

  • Two-Color

  • Multicolor

  • Colorful

Traffic Sign Application Range

  • Indoor

  • Traffic indication

  • Signpost indication

  • Office

  • Hotel

  • Hospital

  • Retail Store

  • Shopping Mall

  • Metro Station

  • Gas Station

  • Other  Various Public Places


The traffic sign module is used the metal shape after engraving and cutting is used as a panel, and the iron plate which is welded, polished and painted is used on the bottom plate and the surrounding edges. (suitable for large characters, strong, cost-effective)

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